Achieve your team and personal goals for next season.

2018 Field Hockey Camp Registration Is Open!

Camps and clinics directed by Circleplay are filled with life lessons and possibility for great growth. I hire coaches that love the game and coach with an energy and a genuine passion.

The Curriculum is based on the needs of the individuals and the team. We ask for coaches who send their teams to us, to share specific needs so that we may meet the campers where they are and take them to a whole new level. We work with groups to build a connected unit, one that collaborates, works as a team and reaches new levels of success!

Our desire is to create an environment of freedom which is conducive to risk taking, non judgment and growth. Circleplay teaches campers to handle adversity in a manner that empowers rather then defeats. We work to develop fundamental skills and we teach players not to get bored with the fundamentals. We support players to go from thinking the skill to feeling the skill.

We teach different tactics to support options in their game and it brings out specific strengths to empower the individual and the team. We support our athletes to gain mental strength and overcome fear to reach a whole new level in their game and in their lives.

Circleplay is committed to inspiring the athlete and the person. We will teach players how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and in turn reach a whole new level in their game. Passion breads passion and if we can help athletes find the love in their sport, we can change the experience that they will have. We here at Circleplay are committed to supporting players with the growth of their game and the growth of their character!

Our goal is to create the best day ever for every camper that commits to being completely present and intentional about the experience!