Daily Camp Plan

Registration and Check in: 12p (noon)

Session #1: 2p-5p

Warm up, Mental training, Team connection drills, Skill development, Small games bringing it all together.


Session #2: 7p-9p

Warm up, Train the brain activities, Team intentions, Strategy session, Play

Session #3: 9p-10p

Open play on the turf, under the lights


Session #1: 8:30a-11a

Warm up, Coaches demo of skill training, Talk on eliminating “stinken thinken” when it comes to skill training. Training stations with different skills and different coaches. Small games with a focus on skill and tactics. Wrap up, cool down and acknowledgments.


Video session: 12:30p-1p

Session #2: 1p-4p

Warm up, fun teambuilding game, specialty situations stations, competitions, Wrap up, review,acknowledgments


Session #3: 6p-8:30p

Game prep, goals, team focus, motivational focus, compete

Session #4: 9p-10:30p

Team Skits


Session #1: 8:30a-11:30a

Warm up, Team game, Mental training, Focus on skills and training with intention and purpose, Competitions, Situational play, finishing all over the field. Cool down, Wrap up, Acknowledgments


Session #2: 1p-3p

Tournament play

Check out: 3:30p

Schedule could be adjusted due to inclement weather! Get ready for a fun time!!

My athletes have attended many field hockey camps and many have said that Christy’s was the BEST!Heather, Coach